At East-West Conveyancing we know that selling your home is a big decision and you may be unsure of what to expect. We are prepared to talk you through the steps involved and answer all of your questions throughout the conveyancing process.

selling property

The process can be broken down into three main stages

Before Unconditional Exchange.

During this stage we will:

  • Prepare a draft Contract for Sale so that the property can be put on the market
  • Liaise with your real estate agent and any Conveyancer/Solicitor appointed by potential purchasers
  • Discuss with you any requested changes to the Contract and negotiate on your behalf

Unconditional Exchange to Settlement.

During this stage we will:

  • Confirm with you that exchange has occurred and let you know the expected settlement date
  • Liaise with your mortgagee to organize a discharge of mortgage for settlement
  • Respond to due diligence checks received from the purchaser’s Conveyancer/Solicitor
  • Prepare the required documents for settlement and book in a settlement time that suits you with the Purchaser’s Conveyancer and your mortgagee
  • Prepare and confirm settlement figures with you and let you know any further action you need to take before the settlement date
  • Attend settlement

After Settlement.

During this stage we will:

  • Confirm with you that settlement has taken place and arrange for any surplus money from the sale to be deposited in your account or collected by you
  • Send you a written confirmation of settlement
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