At East-West Conveyancing we know that buying a new home is the single biggest financial transaction most people ever enter into and it can be an exciting and anxious experience. We are prepared to talk you through the steps involved and answer all of your questions throughout the conveyancing process.

buying property

The process can be broken down into three main stages

Before Unconditional Exchange.

During this stage we will:

  • Review and advise on the Contract for Sale
  • Liaise with the Conveyancer/Solicitor appointed by the Vendor (the Seller) and negotiate any changes to the Contract
  • Organise any requested inspections on the property
  • Communicate with your lender to ensure that your loan is approved

Unconditional Exchange to Settlement.

During this stage we will:

  • Confirm with you that exchange has occurred and let you know the expected settlement date as well as any stamp duty requirements
  • Carry out other property inquiries and due diligence checks relevant to your purchase
  • Continue to liaise with your lender about organising your finance for the expected settlement date
  • Prepare the required documents for settlement and book in a settlement time that suits you with the Vendor’s Conveyancer and your finance lender
  • Prepare and confirm settlement figures with you
  • Attend settlement

After Settlement.

During this stage we will:

  • Confirm with you that settlement has taken place and that you may collect the keys
  • Send you a written confirmation of settlement
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